Risk Factors Associated with Production and Reproduction in Dairy Camps (Kuku and Saig) at Khartoum State, Sudan

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Sundos Yousif
Ibtisam El Zubeir


Introduction: Lack of awareness about reproductive disorders and their importance in the economic viability of farms in Sudan causes challenges among the majority of small farmholders. The present study was conducted to investigate the risk factors of production and reproduction in Kuku and Saig dairy camps in Khartoum State, Sudan.

Materials and methods: In December 2017, a random selection of 100 farms was carried out. The current cross-sectional study was based on a structural questionnaire and direct interviews with the farm owners.

Results: Vaccination against contagious diseases was practiced in 80% of the farms in the Kuku and Saig dairy camps in Khartoum State, Sudan. Quarantine of sick animals and newly introduced cows to the herd was practiced only in 23% of the farms. The study found a high prevalence of mastitis (95 farms), the spread of tick infestation (86 farms), and theileriosis (53 farms). There have been 58 farms, where animals showed signs of lameness, and 67 farms showed signs of jaundice disease. In the case of selected dairy camps, natural mating was predominant at 98% and bulls from outside the herd accounted for 89% of farms. Besides, 75% of the selected farms suffered from repeat breeders’ syndrome. The culling strategy was used in 86% of the dairy farms. There was a low risk of association between the treatment of diseases by the veterinarian, washing labor’s hands and udders of cows before and after the milking process, and between the type of mating and repeat breeders. In addition, there was a moderate risk of a correlation between the treatment of the disease by the veterinarian and the contact of other species of animals with the cows in the pen, monitoring of estrus and repeat breeders, and abortions and calving intervals. Moreover, a high risk of correlation was obtained between the isolation of animals and the use of vaccination.

Conclusion: Control of the disease was unsatisfactory, especially in the Saig camp, with traditional basis management. Hence it is highly recommended to train the farm workers, improve their management, and enhance the animals’ health level.       

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Yousif , S., & El Zubeir, I. (2024). Risk Factors Associated with Production and Reproduction in Dairy Camps (Kuku and Saig) at Khartoum State, Sudan. Farm Animal Health and Nutrition, 3(1), 1–13. https://doi.org/10.58803/fahn.v3i1.34
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